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We empower businesses through technology

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Small and medium businesses are the engine of every nation but these businesses lack the essential tools they need to scale. Growth Factor Technologies is on a mission of conducting a continuous product discovery process which enables us build essential products tailored to businesses in emerging markets.

Our Solutions

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Nvoicia was developed to empower financial institutions and funders with a tool to seamlessly fund unpaid invoices for business.

WhatsApp Invoice


WhatsApp currently has over 2 billion businesses using its tool and over 5 million businesses active. Our goal is to enable these businesses create invoices seamlessly for their customers without stepping out of their comfort.

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Our Process

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Identify the gaps

As a solution provider our top priority is to understand the unmet needs of businesses and drill down to the pain point of the potential user to ensure that we understand why the problem exist, what their current solution is and how we can make their processes easier.

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Every market differs and so do businesses in those markets. For Growth Factor we deploy solutions that are tailored to solve problems in a particular market. We also help our clients white label our product to fit their own use case.

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Launch & Scale

Launching a product comes with a lot of planning. We make sure you are meeting your customers at strategic points, you have the right metrics to measure performance and suggested tweaks are based on data.